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A golden rule! Edit before publishing. It is never a good idea to publish a manuscript without going through the editing process. Punctuation errors, mispellings, clunky sentences and so on take away from your writing. Readers will be more focused on errors than what you are actually saying. 

Editing is the process of taking something that could be good and making it good. There comes a time when your manuscript needs to go to an editor. Editing provides an opportunity to give you a different perspective of your story, however at the end of the day it is up to you how your story begins and finishes. 

*For larger editing projects please contact me to make enquiries before purchasing a service

Check out my services below. 


Substantive Editing

This type of editing is only for smaller manuscripts, like articles being submitted for publication. $50 per half hour/$100 per hour. 


Developmental Editing

At this stage of your manuscript, you would have gone through your own self editing process and are ready for an editor.  $65 per half hour/$130 per hour. 


Copy Editing

This is ideal for website copy editing. You can use this service for improvement of your current copy. $65 per half hour/$130 per hour. 

*For larger editing projects please contact me to make enquiries before purchasing a service


“Malakai was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend them to any business looking for a professional content writer. With a great ability to listen and ask the right questions, Malakai acted swiftly in crafting copy for my website that not only conveyed my vision but also draws the reader in. I will definitely be working with Malakai again in the future.“

Ben Castleton

Castleton Consulting

What is even more impressive is that this person knows what they are doing and does it skillfully. As the Features Editor for the South Sydney Herald, I can say that I have received Malakai's work with gratitude because it needs so little editing or proofreading. They write with insight and intelligence, and cover events with clarity and imagination”. Not only is Malakai competent in what they do, their capacity to relate well with others around them is a great asset.”

Dr Dorothy Rae-Mcmahon

Features Editor - South Sydney Herald

“Working with Malakai on development of our school-based resource was made an even better experience due to an unwavering passion and commitment to producing a well written and targeted resource. At every step Malakai showed true professionalism in adhering to providing quality deliverables within promised timeframes. Thanks Malakai.”

Jody Wright

Executive Director - Drugarm

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