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Malakai is a non-binary writer, editor, and self-published author based in Western Australia.

As a graduate of Australian Writer’s Centre - Sydney, Malakai obtained certification in Magazine and Newspaper Writing. A few years later, Malakai went on to obtain a certification in editing and publishing which provided insight and training to assist them in freelance editing work which encompassed editing articles, newsletters, historical nonfiction and fiction manuscripts in preparation for publishing.  

In the ensuing years, Malakai has crafted and honed their skills through writing and editing articles for the South Sydney Herald, and marketing material for small businesses and organisations.

Throughout their career, Malakai has worked with a variety of writer’s. Though their passion is with nonfiction historical and personal essays, Malakai has an intense love for storytelling in all its forms and will help any writer bring their story to life. 

Malakai has a deep appreciation and love of music. They have a few instruments which include the guitar and native american drum that they play in their occasional spare time. 

Summer is their favorite season, and they enjoy immersing themselves in nature by taking long beach walks. 

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